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26th May 2007

Things are moving along slowly.  We have cleaned up most if not all the debris.  The various guards and hand rails have been repainted in yellow.  We have installed a replacement docking bench so we can try and get started as soon as possible on the stakes and pegs.

Click on the images below to see a larger photo.

Yellow paint added to safety barriers and guards.

Rack bench saw guard

Walkway from rack bench

New docking bench

New docking bench

New fuse board looks out of place

The Blitz is still going strong

Steam driven pump used to pump water from the dam to the boiler

Air cylinder

What used to be the light on the front of the boiler

Marshall Stationary Steam Engine plate

Mechanical lubricator damaged from the heat of the fire

Runout saw

Runout saw

Tom & Kerry Nugent delivering much needed steel.






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