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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our staff.



Do you sell pine pallet timber?

At this time we only sell hardwood pallet timber.  We will update this website with any changes to our product line.

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Do you sell pine pegs and stakes?

At this time we only sell hardwood pegs and stakes.  We will update this website with any changes to our product line.

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What size pallet timber do you cut?

Whatever size the customer requires.

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Do you need a special licence to operate the boiler?

Yes you do need a special licence.  You need a steam licence.

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How much sawdust does the boiler use each day?

Approximately 2 tonne per day.

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Why do use steam instead of diesel or electricity?

Because my father started the business and because I was brought up around steam.  My Grandfather was a steam train driver.  Steam is also more environmentally friendly than the options of diesel or electricity.  Steam is in my blood.  Apart from a viable business it is my way of preserving a piece of history for future generations.

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